Storing Decorative Light Strings


Storing Decorative Light Strings

Every year, we end up spending money on decorative lights during Diwali / Christmas. The main reason being, we do not know the right way of Storing Decorative Light Strings and thus end up damaging them. We generally take down these long strings of light and put them in acontinue reading…

holi garland


Holi Garland

When we were kids, holi used to be extra special. Our Dadi (Grandma) used to make Kandi (Holi Garland) for all of us cousins. Over years, as we grew up, the kandis also got lost somewhere… But the love and fondness for it always remained with us in our hearts andcontinue reading…

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Egg Muffins


Egg Muffins

Mornings are generally very busy – especially for the working ladies. And generally in the rush, we end up skipping our breakfast – which is not good !!! Egg Muffins are a very easy to make breakfast. Just mix up the batter and put it in the oven, while you ready your childrencontinue reading…


car tracks


Car Tracks

Car Tracks, car parking, tunnels – these are the things every parent of a boy can relate to !! No amount of car tracks are enough and they get bored with one track very fast. How many can we buy and spend unnecessarily on !!! My Kiddo already has 4continue reading…

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