Bhatura is a yummy Indian bread, which is fluffy and deep fried. It is especially enjoyed with Masala Chole, making the traditional Punjabi dish – Chole Bhature. Make this yummy dish at home by following my step-by-step guide. Ingredients: Maida (All Purposr Flour) – 500 gm Sooji (Semolina) – 1/2 cupcontinue reading…




Masala Chole

Masala chole are one of the most delicious dish of North India. Everyone loves them at my home. We generally have them with pooris or bhature (Indian bread varieties). Here I am sharing my recipe for Masala Chole with you. Enjoy ! Ingredients:  Chickpeas – 400 gm (soak for atleastcontinue reading…


baby shower


Baby shower

First time pregnancy is an extra special time for a to – be mom. It is the most memorable phase of our life. And what could be better than your friends or family giving you a baby shower to celebrate your pregnancy and  bless you and the baby !! Mycontinue reading…

potato sandwich


Potato Sandwich

Boiled Potato Sandwich is a quick and easy recipe. It tastes well when it is hot but even better when it turns cold. I think its perfect for tiffins and picnics !! I remember my Mom packing it for us in school and even college and university ! My friendscontinue reading…


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