Play with Clothespin

Clothespin can provide a lot of play options for the little ones! Here are a few that I tried with my son recently. He enjoyed them a lot. Maybe you can also give it a try ! 1. Pegging Pompoms I gave him a few pompoms, a clothespin and acontinue reading…



Perforating Cardboard Sheet

I remember perforating a cardboard sheet and even a paper from my notebook, when I was little. As a kid, we all must have done something like this some time or the other! How about trying the same with your kiddo? Apart from being fun and engaging, this activity will alsocontinue reading…

water play


Water Play

Little ones love water play. Even the smallest amount of water is enough to keep them engaged and fascinated ! And with the scorching heat and humid weather, it is the right time to let them explore and learn with water. Here I am sharing open ended activities which we often do.continue reading…

activities for toddlers


Must do Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers are a bundle of energy and are constantly working on the things and people around them. They want to explore their environment to see what they can and cannot do and how other people respond to their different behaviors. Having a toddler around can be tiring at times. But itcontinue reading…



Sand Diggers Sensory Play

Playing with sand is an awesome sensory activity. It is a lot of fun and keeps the little one busy for a long long time !! Just add some water, digger vehicle toys, rocks, a piece of wood and you provide a lot more learning opportunity for the little one.continue reading…

bread besan toast


Bread Besan Toast

Bread besan toast recipe- Learn how to make this quick, easy and filling recipe with bread and gram flour. Eat kit for breakfast or during your snack time. This easy savory bread toast recipe is good for toddlers and kids too. My son is also very fond of it. Ingredients:continue reading…




9 Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas

Teachers Day is celebrated to appreciate and honor all the contributions that a teacher makes in her students’ lives. It is also a very important day for the students as they get to thank their teachers for all the hard work they put in to educate their students. It is acontinue reading…



Personalised Tags

Whenever we gift something, it always carries a tag, carrying our wishes for the recipient. Generally, we just take a customized one from the shopkeeper and write the “To” and “From” on it. Alternatively, there are tiny blank cards also available nowadays,  wherein you may write your wishes. If youcontinue reading…

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