diya decoration


Diwali Diya Decoration

Diwali is so much fun !! With the festivities in the air and all the markets decorated with lights, the atmosphere is set for celebrations. Shops are stuffed with eatables, gifts and home decoration stuff, and people are hoarding the markets to buy gifts for family and friends. When wecontinue reading…

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Rangoli Design Ideas

Rangoli is an integral part of all the festivities in India ! Before Diwali, people clean their houses and tidy up every corner. They do this to ready their homes to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Here is a collection of a few rangoli designs that I have made on various Diwalis:continue reading…

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gift basket


Gift Baskets

Festivals in India bring a lot of love and brotherhood among us all. We love to exchange gifts especially during Diwali – be it sweets, some gifts, fruit baskets or gift baskets. Gift Baskets!! There are many shops selling lovely gift baskets – decorative, with assorted goodies but much more costlycontinue reading…



Dussehra Celebrations

Dussehra, or Vijaydashmi, is an important Hindu festival where we celebrate the victory of good over evil. This is the day when God Rama defeated Ravana to rescue his wife, Sita from him. The day brings a lot of lot of joy and enthusiasm all over India. It is a religious and cultural festival whichcontinue reading…

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