Pink Hexagon Keyring

I love to bring two or more concepts together. It is such a fun and challenging thing to do.. Though there is no pressure to do so, but I love to try and bring together 2-3 concepts of the month and do an activity or craft with my kids. This monthcontinue reading…

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Our Little Bugs World

Material Required: Small Cardboard Box Colored Papers – green (for bushes), red/blue/ yellow (for flowers) Cut outs of bugs String Glue Blue Paint Green Sawdust (for grass) How we made this: I took a small cardboard box lying around in my class and cut out the open up side ofcontinue reading…

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Orange Color Day

Color specific days are always fun and full of related activities. Here is all that we did on our Orange color day.. Color exploration Table – I collected everything orange that I could lay my hands on – toys, stationary, essentials etc.  I laid out everything on the study tables wellcontinue reading…



Nature in a Bottle

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. So I took my little ones for a Nature Walk.  We all know that kids love to pick up random stuff and keep it treasured for long – be it a pebble, a stone or a leaf… I had come across a similar postcontinue reading…

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