9 Teacher’s Day Gift Ideas


Teachers Day is celebrated to appreciate and honor all the contributions that a teacher makes in her students’ lives. It is also a very important day for the students as they get to thank their teachers for all the hard work they put in to educate their students.

It is a day when the Teachers should be thanked in the best way possible. Here are a few ideas – big and small – for appreciating the Teachers on this day! They are easy, cool and quick. Check them out:

1. Paper Fan Stick

This is an easy craft. I made this paper fan stick in a giant size (compared to my kiddo’s hands), and it looks like a gift in itself. But we will be adding it to the other gift we plan to gift his teacher. You can see the tutorial for this here.


2. Gift Basket

If you want to go above-and-beyond, buy some school supplies or some personal stuff for the Teacher. I collected some stars’ and smilies’ stickers, set of grading stamps, some mints, a small notebook and a pack of pencils. Also, I included a hand shaped card from my kid.
Then I arranged the supplies in a small basket and wrap it up. Finally, I put a tag around and secured it with a rope/ ribbon.

3. Wishes from a Mom

How about a little appreciation card from the mother’s side? I feel it is more relevant in case of kindergartners. I made this for my kiddo’s teacher.


4. Box of Cookies

Looking for a gift at the last moment? Nothing is perfect and quicker than this gift. It’s sweet and fast (as long as you can keep your kid from eating the cookies before it gets to the teacher, that is). Just tie a ribbon around a box of cookies with a personalised tag and you are good to go.

 gift           gift

5. BEE-ing There – Thank you Card with a flower

This is another lovely card that you can make for the teacher. If your kid is older, let them color the drawing and just add the text. You may also make the bees with your kid’s thumb prints.

gift     gift

6. Mint / Mouth Freshner

If you’re not super crafty, or looking for a gift at the last minute, this is the perfect I-almost-forgot-night-before gift. Just buy a pack of mints/ mouth freshner and tie a personalised tag with it.


7. Apples

This is a healthy and cute little gift for the teacher. Instead of a single apple, I believe a couple of them should be good.


8. Pens

Every Teacher needs pens – for grading and marking etc. This is a small yet, useful gift for her. Just tie a couple of pens together with a ribbon and add a tag with your wishes. Alternatively, you may put them in a small box or pack them in a decorative paper.


9. Hand Shaped – Thank you card

Trace the outline of your kid’s hands on a chart paper and make a small hand shaped thank you card for the teachers. Its cute and fun for the kids as well.

    20160831_220250     20160831_220331

So go on and delight your kiddo’s teacher this year !

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