Baby shower

baby shower

First time pregnancy is an extra special time for a to – be mom. It is the most memorable phase of our life. And what could be better than your friends or family giving you a baby shower to celebrate your pregnancy and  bless you and the baby !!

My sister, Nishtha, hosted a baby shower for a fear friend a while ago. Here are some snapshots from the celebration for you to enjoy and/ or get inspiration from.


The Menu was a mix of Indian & Continental cuisine which consisted of Chole, Poori, Vegetable Pulao (Rice), Salad, Vegetable Raita, White Sauce Pasta and Drinks.

Here is the pic of the Homemade Muffins with some baby shower decorations. Nish made some muffins at home. She then drew some illustrations – animals and little words, cut them out and pasted on a toothpick with a tape. She pierced each Muffin with a toothpick. My sister used animals as a theme, so the animal drawings. You can follow your own theme and impress the guests. Also, you can use stickers instead of drawings for the same. Just put the toothpick on the back of the sticker and stick with tape.


Nish tried her hand on creating a baby carriage out of a musk melon. She cut through the melon as shown in the pic, and added slices of orange to make the wheels. Then she filled up the cart with mixed fruits – apples, pomegranate, grapes etc.



Nishtha has a beautiful hand and creates lovely drawings. She decorated a wall of the living room for making the main feature of the baby shower. She drew all the animals, colored them and cut them out. Then she made the tree, grass and water from colored paper sheets. Finally, she pasted all the animal cut outs as shown in the picture below. If you are not very artistic or don’t have too much time, you can use printouts or massive sized stickers which are easily available in the market nowadays.


Additionally, Nishtha drew the figures of the to-be mommy and daddy  on colored paper sheets and cut them out. Then she pasted their actual face pics on the figures. Isn’t it cute 🙂


Here is another idea for decoration. Nish hung a ribbon in the dining area and stuck a few baby essential clothing to it, with clothespin. Eventually, all friends gave it to the to-be mommy as gifts fort he little one.

Here is a small bouquet of washcloths. The cone is made of chart paper and the washcloths are rolled and arranged inside the cone to look like a bouquet of roses.


There are more pics from the baby shower, which I will procure from Nish and post them here. Meanwhile you can take inspiration from above and run your own imagination in case you are planning a baby shower for some one!

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