I love to do fun activities in my class. Though its easier to make and do stuff related to academic topics, its a little challenging to find and do something that is off academics. I came across this activity on facebook. It looked interesting and easy, so I decided to do it with my little ones. Originally, the kids had to balance a balloon. But I used sponge balls as the balloons kept flying away.

Materials required:

  • Ball / Balloon
  • Paper
  • Small box

What to do: 

This is a very simple activity. It is done in pairs and tests the teamwork of the kids.

The kids have to carry the ball on a paper, each kid holding the paper from opposite ends. They need to balance the ball on the paper and walk down to the box, without dropping the ball.


And finally they had to drop the ball into the box at the end of their path, without touching or dropping the ball.


The kids couldn’t balance the balls at first – either it dropped midway, while walking or while dropping it inside the box. But eventually, all of them came around. All of the kids did the activity 3-4 times. There was a lot of cheering and clapping in the class, encouraging their classmates.


This is fun, no preparation activity.

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