Beautiful Earth

beautiful earth

It was time to introduce the kids about the earth. I told them a little about the universe, 9 planets and the sun. Then I showed them the globe – the shape of our planet Earth, and we located the place where we live.

beautiful earth

Then we talked about what are the various things that the Earth is comprised of – land, water, birds and animals, trees, clouds, hills, flowers, grass etc.

Finally, we did a collaborative project related to our “Beautiful Earth”.

I joined 2 charts – white on top(covering land and air) and blue  chart below it (to mark the ocean). I made an outline of the hills, which was colored by two of my kids.

beautiful earth

On the other side, all kids were given a drawing of fish to color, which I later cut out.     beautiful earth

Meanwhile, I cut out a sun, few birds and trees.

beautiful earth

Then, one by one, all the kids pasted all the stuff that was prepared, on the earth scene.


And tada !!! Here is “OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH”

beautiful earth

Once the whole thing was done, all kids gathered around their collaborative project to admire their work. Later, I was bombarded with loads of questions regarding our Earth, which made it a fun session really !!

beautiful earth

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