Birthdays are always special. They are all the more special when you have to celebrate it with your classmates and teacher. It is a special and exciting day for all the kids in the classroom as there would be birthday celebrations – cake and return gifts.

So I make sure that not only does it feel special, the class looks pretty too !! So my helper and I blow up a few balloons and put up the birthday banner in the class.

I have made this birthday banner myself:



I cut out a nice shape from green chart (going with the jungle theme in my classroom) and pasted them on a piece of string with the help of some tape. Finally, with a fat bold marker, i penned down the alphabets of HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Simple and easy.

We always give a special balloon and a handmade card to the birthday boy / girl. The parents send a birthday cake (and sometimes caps and other fun stuff) and little goodies for all the kids. We put up the birthday banner and balloons – and the classroom is ready for the celebrations !!


Once I made something special for a little girl in my class.


I made a fan wheel and pasted a circular paper on it. Then I added some special text  along with a little bow on top.birthday

She was super delighted.




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