Blow away the Cups

blow away the cups

This is one game that I had played with my son last year during his summer vacations. Since I knew how much fun he had had with the game, I decided to play this with my kiddos. I knew they would have loads of fun when they Blow away the cups.

I had a big stack of the curd cups in my class, that had been collected over a period of time.

For a better understanding for the kids, I put all the cups on the table and stacked them to make a tower to show them how the tower is to be made. They were totally smitten and couldnt wait to try it. I then dismantled all of them and gave the cups to the kids for stacking.

All kids got their turn to try their hand on stacking the cups.

blow away the cups

But the part where they had the most fun was when they blew it away with a sponge ball.

blow away the cups

All ids got their chance at blowing the cups too…. It was a busy day for me and my class helper.

blow away the cups

And we stacked and blowed the cups, stacked and blowed the cups, for a very long time in the class!!

blow away the cups

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