Brown Color Day

brown color day

The shades of brown relate to the earth-friendly things that are all natural.  It was Brown Color Day in my class. And we had to make a textured board as an activity that week too. So I clubbed both and we made a textured board with it.

But before that, I did a regular set up of all things brown on a table. I gathered all brown colored stuff I could lay my hands on and displayed it on a table for the kids to explore. Also, I happened to have a dark brown coat and a light brown sweater which I wore that day .

brown color day

While the kids were exploring the stuff, I went around and told them about the different shades of brown –  Dark, Light, Beige and Tan.

brown color da

Next, we made a texture board, dividing 7 different textures into four shades of brown. So, we had:

Dark Brown color – hard and soft textures

Light Brown – rough and bumpy textures

Beige – pricky and smooth texture

Tan – Rough texture

Each kid picked a brown thing and stuck it on the board, under the right shade of brown head.

brown color day

There was a lot of excitement and questioning and explaining that happened during the activity. Finally, this is what our Brown Color Texture Board looked like:

brown color day

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