We made a lovely Art and Craft painting that included cutting, pasting, painting and embellishing too! It is always exciting to do lots of different types of activities that result into a single art work. Kids love it. Let’s check out what we did:

Materials required:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Old newspapers
  3. Paints and brushes
  4. Yellow foam sheet
  5. For embellishing – stones and stickers

What we did:

  1. First of all, we drew and cut out long strands of grass from old newspapers.
  2. Then we pasted the grass on the cardboard.
  3. Next we painted the whole thing in green paint.
  4. Then, we cut out a sun from yellow color foam sheet and pasted on the top side of our painting.


5. Now, it was the turn for the butterflies. We cut out a three butterflies – of different sizes. from a thick paper sheet.

6. The butterflies were painted red. We chose this color so that it would pop out in the painting.


7. As a final touch, we embellished the butterflies with some stone stickers and some loose ones.

8. Lastly, we drew the antennas of the butterflies and put some dots on its wings.


And here are our finished Art and Craft painting –


Here are the kiddies standing tall and proud with their work –


They were extremely happy and delighted while working on their paintings 🙂

P.S.: I pasted a pipe cleaner at the back of the painting to enable its hanging.

I hope you liked our work. You can make ladybugs or caterpillars instead of the butterflies. They look cute too.

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