Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard Box Car

This was something I experimented with when my little one was just a year old. But this Cardboard Box Car turned out to be such a fun little thing which mesmerized him fully !!

what you need:

  • A big cardboard box (in which your kid can sit comfortably)
  • decorative paper / colored paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sketch pens / paints
  • needle and thread


1. Take the cardboard box, cut off the three flaps, leaving one on the width’s side (see figure).

Cardboard Box Car

2. Cover it up with the decorative paper.

3. Cut out 2 small circles of cardboard (from the discarded flaps of the box). Stick them on the front side, to make the headlights. Also, write the vehicle number on the front (i wrote our car’s number :))

Cardboard Box Car

4. On the back side again, cut out 2 small rectangles (or any shape you like) to mark the back lights. Also with  a blue sketch pen, draw the rear screen. Though I didn’t include it, you may include the vehicle number on the back too !!

Cardboard Box Car

5. Cut out 4 circles of cardboard, color them black and stick 2 on each side of the car to mark the tyres. Stick them on the bottom of the box as shown as they are just ornamental !

6. Make 2 windows on each side with a blue sketch pen.

Cardboard Box Car

7. for the steering wheel, cut out a big circle and draw the steering wheel as shown in the pic. Put it over the flap (which we did not cut out) in the middle. Now from the center of the steering wheel, sew it on to the flap. Make the stitch many times on the same place, so that it does not come off and is moveable.

Cardboard Box Car      Cardboard Box Car

8. Lastly, put your child inside 😉 Little ones are always up to try non-toy things!! I am sure they will love it !

Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard Box Car – what a fun little thing for your toddler to enjoy his mealtime / playtime / TV time !! Make one today !!


  1. you may make a fire engine – cover up the box in red color paper and on the back draw a ladder and spiral of hose pipe.
  2. Make it into a truck / amulance etc.
  3. Make a trolley with the box. Just tie another box at the back with the help of wool/ rope etc. The kiddo can put his toys and stuff in the back container. Alternatively, you  can fit in 2 kids too !!

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