brown color day


Brown Color Day

The shades of brown relate to the earth-friendly things that are all natural.  It was Brown Color Day in my class. And we had to make a textured board as an activity that week too. So I clubbed both and we made a textured board with it. But before that,continue reading…

beautiful earth


Beautiful Earth

It was time to introduce the kids about the earth. I told them a little about the universe, 9 planets and the sun. Then I showed them the globe – the shape of our planet Earth, and we located the place where we live. Then we talked about what arecontinue reading…

noah's ark


Noah’s Ark Story and Craft

The Theme of the month being “Wild Animals”, and our related Activity in the third week was Noah’s Ark. Here, the kids were supposed to speak about their favorite wild animal. I decided to make a miniature of the ark for my kids in the classroom. I took a shoebox, withcontinue reading…

Hexagon Bee hive


Hexagon Bee Hive craft

This time our shape for the month was “HEXAGON”. I always try and do an activity relating to the concepts/ shapes etc. so that it has a better retention in my students’ minds. So for the hexagon shape, I decided to do a hexagon bee hive craft. First of all,continue reading…

Bird House


Bird House Craft

So the theme for the month was “BIRDS” and the shape to be introduced was “PENTAGON”. So I combined the two and we did a pentagon shaped bird house craft. Material Required: Pentagon Shaped cut outs (little bigger than an adult palm size) from chart paper black chart paper circlecontinue reading…



Collaborative Art Projects

I did a few Collaborative Art Projects with my students. The idea was to show them how small pieces of work done by them can be put together to make a larger and lovelier creation. Here are the ones I have done so far: Hands- Petals Sunflower Collaborative Project Thiscontinue reading…

Green color


Green Color Day

So it was “Green Color Day” in our class. This day had to be all about the color green, and the activities related to it. Since my class is already very “Green” because of the jungle theme, things were easier to prepare. Also, our “Green Color Day” fell during Monsoon Seasoncontinue reading…

handmade cards


Handmade Cards

For me, it’s always a delight to receive cards on your birthday, and handmade cards are even better. But the concept seems to be dying down with the emergence of technology in all spheres of life… Also, our children would hardly know the concept of sending cards on special occasions.continue reading…


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