Christmas Class Decorations

With Winters, comes the beautiful festival of Christmas. It is one of my favorite times of the year and the time for Christmas Class Decorations too !! We all needed to add on Christmas Cheer to our winter themed classroom decorations at School. Well, I didn’t need to do muchcontinue reading…



Storing Kids’ Paintings

When my little one discovered a new form of art – painting, he went mad experimenting with it. Everyday, I had to draw a new image for him to paint. Soon i had a stack of the sheets that he had painted. Since i am a memories’ hoarder, I refusedcontinue reading…

jungle themed classroom


Jungle Themed Classroom

I have just started to work as a kindergarten teacher… Due to her personal liabilities, the previous teacher could not do much with the classroom before leaving. Since I joined mid session, there was very little time with me to do up the class. I picked up the Jungle themecontinue reading…

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nature collage


Nature Collage

Collage is a fun way of art and kids tend to learn a lot from them. Collage, or an assembly of things, is a fun activity for kids. My son has his winter vacations going on and we keep looking for fun things to do everyday. We went for some naturecontinue reading…

Jungle Theme


Jungle Theme Birthday Party

On my son’s third birthday party, we played with the jungle theme. Considering the three year olds are nothing less than cute little wild animals, it was not difficult to decide on the theme. My sister , Nish, was also here on vacation, so she was a big help incontinue reading…

goodies basket


Goodies Basket for Kids

Some time back, I made a goodies basket for my nephews and nieces, whom we were meeting after a long time. Apart from the cake and cookies we got for them, we decided to make a basket full of sweets and other nick knacks for fun ! Though one can easilycontinue reading…



Christmas Handprints

My Son was in the mood for some painting and I had Christmas on my mind! So I combined the two and we made some Christmas handprints (we made a lot of messy paintings too !!) First of all, I covered the dining table with newspaper sheets. Then, we gotcontinue reading…

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