Fall Themed Classroom


Fall Themed Classroom

I love Fall. And when my first fall came as a teacher, I went berserk with my decorations. In this post, I am sharing my fall themed classroom – the various decorations I did in my classroom. Also, as a team, we teachers did some decorations in the kindergarten area,continue reading…



Christmas Class Decorations

With Winters, comes the beautiful festival of Christmas. It is one of my favorite times of the year and the time for Christmas Class Decorations too !! We all needed to add on Christmas Cheer to our winter themed classroom decorations at School. Well, I didn’t need to do muchcontinue reading…

story boards


Story Boards

One of the main features that I inculcated in my class was – stories. I pick up one story every month, relating to the theme of the month, and narrate the story almost everyday to my students. I created a special place for the Story Boards and named it “Once uponcontinue reading…



Useful Kitchen Tips

My son and I are holidaying at my Mom’s place. I have been chilling and soaking in the winter sun. My little one is being pampered and playing his heart out – with no restrictions! Though I have been staying away from the kitchen, my mom keeps telling me hercontinue reading…



Storing Kids’ Paintings

When my little one discovered a new form of art – painting, he went mad experimenting with it. Everyday, I had to draw a new image for him to paint. Soon i had a stack of the sheets that he had painted. Since i am a memories’ hoarder, I refusedcontinue reading…



Christmas Party for Kids

Christmas is a fun time for kids. The fun gets doubled when all kids get together for the celebrations. This year, my friend hosted a Christmas Party for Kids at her place. She had arranged some really fun activities and games for the kids as well as some awesome foodcontinue reading…



Christmas Celebrations

Christmas celebrations are special at our home. Here is a list of few things which we do every year, for you to choose from or get inspired from. 1. Buy a Christmas tree – artificial or real. You can use it repeatedly over the years. Secondly, buy some ornaments andcontinue reading…

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Doraemon Theme Birthday Party

My Kiddo LOVES Doraemon!!! So it happened to be my son’s 4th Birthday on the 23rd November 2016. And without any doubt, we decided upon a Doraemon themed party. I didn’t have too much time to devote to the party as we had just finished off with all the Diwalicontinue reading…

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