My students are all three year olds, and I guess it was a good time to understand the difference between a male/boy and a female/ girl. At least they should know the basis and realise if he/ she is a boy or a girl.

So I made a small activity for the kids. I divided the bulletin board into two halves – Boy and Girl. The boy chart was blue and girls’ in pink. First of all, I explained to them the basic difference between a boy and a girl:

  1. Girls wear frocks/ skirts, but boys wear jeans/ nickers/ pants.
  2. Also, girls can wear jeans/ nickers/ pants but boys don’t wear frocks/ skirts.
  3. Girls can have short or long hair, but boys generally have short hair.

boy or a girlAdditionally, I took printouts of drawings of a girl and a boy as many as the kids in class, according to the gender. I even colored a drawing of boy and a girl each as a sample for them to color. I laid out all the drawings on a desk.

 boy or a girl

The kids came one by one and picked up the drawing of a boy or a girl according to what their gender was.

boy or a girl

All kids took their drawings and colored them according to the sample that I had colored and pasted on the bulletin board.

boy or a girl

Once all the kids were done with their coloring, I got all of them to walk up to the bulletin board and stick their drawings on the blue / pink charts accordingly.

And finally, this is how our bulletin board of the concept: Girl or a Boy looked :

boy or a girl

P.S. I added the Silhouette of a man and a woman to the Boy and Girl charts for the children to understand the concept further, which would, if nothing else, help them differentiate between a ladies and gents washroom.

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