I did a few Collaborative Art Projects with my students. The idea was to show them how small pieces of work done by them can be put together to make a larger and lovelier creation.

Here are the ones I have done so far:

Hands- Petals Sunflower Collaborative Project

This we did when the theme for the month was flowers. I decided to make a huge sunflower from the hand shaped paper cutouts of the students.

I traced both hands of all kids on a yellow chart paper. Also, I wrote the names of the kids on their hands with  a black marker.


Now was the hard part – cutting out all the traced hands – since all were different sizes. Once done, I took a paper plate and arranged all the hand petals on the plate to form a flower. Once satisfied, I stapled all hands on the plate, starting from the outside, moving inside. Since the staples were on the bottom of the petals, none showed at the end.


Lastly, I crumpled small bits of black paper and stuck them in the center with loads of glue to form the pollen. Finally, I stuck it on the bulletin board and made a thick stem and leaf for the sunflower.


Colorful Hearts Collaborative Project

This project we made for the Parents – Teachers Day.

I cut out heart shapes from simple A4 sheets and gave them to my students to color as they like – single color / multi-color, make patterns or designs etc. They had lots of fun creating their “Hearts” !


Then I took a purple chart and a half, and pasted all the hearts created by my pre-k’s on it, leaving space in the center. On a simple white piece of paper, I wrote – “DO LITTLE THINGS WITH GREAT JOY”.

And that’s what my kids had done – had a super exciting time while coloring their hearts.


Shapes Collaborative Art


We took various different shaped pegs from the peg board, dipped the bottom in different color paints and all kids stamped them on a white chart paper.

I wish for the Star Collaborative Project

Also, since our PTM fell just in time for Diwali, I did a little “I wish” project with my students. Each one told me what they wanted as a gift from their parents, and I wrote them on a star shape cut out out from a blue chart paper. Later i pasted all of them on a black chart, randomly. Finally, in the center I wrote “I wish” with a silver sparkle glue pen.


I put it up in the class on PTM and made sure each parent read what their kid wanted. It was exciting for the parents too.

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