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It has been a long time since I posted something on my blog. Due to this Quarantine period I got some free time. I needed to keep my little one busy and not trouble around. I included him in some household chores. Additionally,  I arranged some activities which to keep my little one busy at home. First of all, I decided to make a collage with my little one. The topic of our collage – all about me. 

Materials required:
  • Old newspapers and magazines scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard piece or chart paper
  • Some colored pens

What we did: 

First, I asked my son to think of all the things that define him – what he likes, what kind of a boy he is what characteristics define him etc. Then I explained to him what is to be done to make this collage. I gave him a lot of old newspapers and few magazines along with a scissors. I told him to cut out what ever he thought was relevant, according to him, for his collage. Also I told him that it was not necessary to be very neat in cutting out the pictures .
He spent a good time going through the newspapers. Ram cut out and collected a lot of pictures and text from the newspapers. He cut out the pictures of his favourite food , favourite toy, actor and some text like -life, my style and also his lucky number.
Once he was done with his collection,  I sat down with him. I arranged all the pictures on a piece of cardboard for him. This, I did to give him an idea of how the collage was to be made.  After that he undid my arrangement and arranged the pictures according to his liking. Next, he started sticking all the photograph on the piece of cardboard.
Once he was done, we made the border of the cardboard with some decorative tape. Lastly, he wrote his name with some coloured pens on the corner of the collage. There were some empty spaces which were visible on the collage. I give him some stickers that he stuck to cover up the empty spaces.
And our collage was ready. He was very happy and excited to show off his work to his friends.
P. S. I was too occupied with the household work and forgot to take the pictures – step by step – of the activity. So please bear with me.

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