Kids love coloring. We do it everyday ! The other day, while browsing around the internet I came across a fun idea – coloring under the table!! This looked so much fun and exciting ! So the next day, I set up the class for the same.

Our desks had some hollows underneath, so sticking the coloring sheet was not feasible. So, I stuck the drawing sheet on a hardboard, which I taped to the under of the table. We laid a mat as it was a cold month and placed the desks over it.

When my little ones came to the class next day, they suddenly knew something exciting was up. They were told to sit on the chairs, laid out on one side of the class. Though they kept on discussing and brainstorming, no one could think that the actual fun lay under the table !! They kept on asking me but I didn’t disclose the suspense.

All the kids were super excited to go under the table as soon as I told them what they were going to do!


The kids had so much fun !! There were loads off giggles and laughter along with the work in the class that day. Also, there was an occasional complaining ” Ma’am, my arm hurts!”. To this I replied, “rest your arm for a while and then start again”.


And I took a selfi with them too !!


You can even do this at home. Use different tools like sketch pens, color pencils, paints etc. This would teach them process Art too !

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