Coloring is a favourite with three year olds. It is all the more fun when we make them play around it. So on a lazy weekend, I prepared some tracing boards for my little ones.

Supplies needed:

  1. Cardboard Pieces
  2. Pencil
  3. Fevicol

How to make the tracing boards:

  1. With a pencil draw something on the tracing board; I drew out random objects – sun, cloud, fish, rainbow, car, waves, balloons, umbrella, rocket, star, checkered pattern, flower etc.
  2. Now trace them over with thick fevicol.
  3. Leave them to dry overnight.

tracing boards

And your tracing boards are ready. I used small square boards – the size of my hand. You can use any shape you like – big ones, with a full scenery or rectangular pieces with patterns or even alphabets and numbers !

On Monday, I took the boards to my class and as soon as we got free from our day’s work, I gave out the tracing boards, papers and crayons to my kiddies. They set out on it immediately.

tracing boards

Some were not sure what and how things were to be done, so I had to guide them a little.

tracing boards

And after some “trials and errors”, they were all fine !!

tracing boards

You can even use these at home. Do try it and share your experience !

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