Art and craft can be done in so many ways and with so many regular house hold stuff. Be it cutlery, yarn, leaves, toys or for that matter – a newspaper !

A Newspaper can be used to create simple art and craft too ! The kids learnt about it in our Art and craft class.

Material required for newspaper art:

  1. Thick A4 sheets
  2. Newspapers – of course!
  3. Fevicol/ Glue
  4. Colored Pens / Sketch pens
  5. Pencil
  6. Googly Eyes
  7. Scissors

What we did:

  1. The kids drew a simple drawing – shark/ cat / dog/ rabbit and cut it out.
  2. Next, they stuck the newspaper cut out on the  Thick A4 Sheet.
  3. Then, they added the details, using colored pens and googly eyes.


So, Here is our cat – with its spikes, collar (we stuck a colored piece of paper on the neck).


Additionally – here is the dog (looks more like a bear ;P), a shark and a bunny


So, the kids learnt a new way to art and craft. Post their wor, they went on to draw and cut out the newspaper…. I didn’t take any pictures of that as it was just  a creative mess around the room. But yes, I let them explore and work on their cutting skills as well as creativity with the newspapers.

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