Diwali Diya Decoration

diya decoration

Diwali is so much fun !! With the festivities in the air and all the markets decorated with lights, the atmosphere is set for celebrations. Shops are stuffed with eatables, gifts and home decoration stuff, and people are hoarding the markets to buy gifts for family and friends.

When we talk about decorating our houses on diwali, two things are the most apparent – Rangoli and Diyas. I love to decorate diyas every year for Diwali. I buy loads of diyas from the market and paint them, decorate them for the celebrations.

In this article I will be sharing all the diya decoration ideas with you.

First of all, diya decoration materials that we need:

  1. Paints & brushes
  2. glitter pens / 3-D pens
  3. crystals/ kundan
  4. mirrors (and anything you want to decorate with)

diya decoration

I have used both – poster paints as well as acrylic paints. Poster colors give a more earthen look whereas acrylic colors give brighter and shinier look.

Preparation before painting

Firstly, immerse all the diyas in water, completely. Let them rest for 30 – 40 minutes and then take them out and place on a newspaper. Leave them to dry out. Once they are completely dry, you can start working on them! This step will ensure that your diyas will not leak when you fill them up with oil.

I let my 4-year old to do the whole thing.

diya decoration

By the end of it, he could hardly wait for diyas to dry up as he wanted to start painting them right away. Once the diyas dried up, my little one started painting them – blue !! Yes! that’s his favorite color !

diya decoration

Diya Decoration and Designing

Anyways, I kept adding on to them and decorated them further. Later he gave me some pinks, red and orange too !

diya decoration

Then there were some black colored diyas that the kiddo painted. I drew moon star and sun on them !

diya decoration

He was one happy guy after the diya decoration. He is waiting for Diwali to light them up.

Meanwhile, once he was off to school the next day, I decorated the more diyas. Here is a collection of the pics of various diya decorations by me and my sister :

These are simple diyas that are painted and designed using paints only.


Diya decoration

Diya decorationDiya decoration

The detailing on the carved diyas has been painted in diffrent colored paints to enhance the design.

Diya decoration

diya decoration

diya decoration

I got some animal shaped diyas to add on to the fun factor for the kiddo. Do lay your hands on some, if you find them !!

diya decoration

And then, I got some pots too !! Place diyas / candles under these and the light they reflect, creates lovely pattern on the background.

diya decoration

Nice ? I hope I have been able to inspire you to get down and start painting those diyas and add a personal touch to your Diwali decorations. So go on and let your creativity flow. Do share your work with us in the comments section below for others to get inspired from!

Happy Diwali !

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