DIY Fridge magnets

fridge magnets

Last month, I had made some stuff for Mother’s day out of Glass Jars. But I was left with their unused lids. They kept on lying around with my craft supplies and were constantly on my mind as to what I could do with them instead of just throwing them away.

Then one day I came across a video on Facebook where they had made fridge magnets with them. I liked the idea and thought of giving it a shot myself. My husband was so delighted to see them that I was a little surprised!

What you need:

fridge magnets

  • spare lids of glass jars
  • photographs
  • transparent plastic sheet / ohp sheet
  • small cardboard piece/ pizza box
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • magnets
  • fevi-quick
  • fevicol / glue

How to make the magnets:

1. Keep the lid on top of the photograph – decide what part of the photograph you want to display and position the lid on top of that area.

2. Now, draw a circle around the lid with the pencil and cut it out.

3. Place the pic inside and trim it if required.

4. Now place the cut out pic on the plastic sheet and cut out a circle of the same size.

5. Same way, cut out a cardboard piece of the size as of the pic.

fridge magnets


6. Now stick the photo on the cardboard piece with fevicol/ glue.

fridge magnets

7. Stick the cardboard photo on the inside of the lid, and place the plastic sheet over it.

fridge magnets             fridge magnets

8. Stick the magnet pieces with the help of fevi-quick on the outer side to stick it on the fridge.

fridge magnets

And your fridge magnets are ready !!!

fridge magnets

fridge magnets

I’m sure that after this, I will be trying to find use of the numerous glass jars which will be lying around because I would have used up their lids for fridge magnets !!



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