The time we were studying insects in the class, I had been searching for a unique craft idea for my kids. After an elaborate search I came across a craft on earthworms!!!! Can you imagine – not spiders or caterpillars,  but earthworms !! I went ahead and made this with my kiddies !!

Supplies required:

  • small paper cups
  • pipecleaners
  • googly eyes
  • fevicol / glue
  • green color paper sheets
  • pencil
  • scissors

Directions for the earthworm craft:

  1. First of all, I traced every kids hand and cut out 4 pieces of each. Then I pasted the four cutouts of each child’s hand on a paper cup. This formed the grass hiding for the earthworm.


I took one green A4 sheet and folded it twice and traced the child’s hand on it. Thus, when you cut across the tracing, you will have 4 hand shape cutouts. So, each kid had one cup with their traced hands’ cut outs pasted on the cup.This step I did a day in advance and kept ready for our craft.

2. Next day, I gave each kid an un-sharpened pencil and a pipe cleaner. I told them to curl the pipe cleaner around the pencil to make the earthworm’s body.

3. Then we stuck two googly eyes on one end of the worm to mark its head. We had to leave them to dry for a while so that they stuck to the pipecleaner properly.


4. Meanwhile my helper filled all the paper cups with mud – that’s where the earthworms live !

5. Finally, every kid placed his/ her earthworm in their respective papercups, by piercing it halfway inside the mud, with its head popping out of the cup.


And here are all our earthworms in the mud –


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