Easy Hung Curd Dip

easy Hung Curd Dip

This easy Hung Curd Dip is a very simple dip, made out of just 5 simple ingredients, readily available at home. It can be served with almost any kind of accompaniment. Here is the recipe –


easy hung curd dip

1.) Hung Curd – 100 ml

2.) garlic cloves – 3

3.) Juice of half a lemon

4.) salt to taste

5.) black pepper – 1/2 teaspoon


Mix all the ingredients together and the dip is ready in a jiffy !!

Serve with crackers, nachos, chips/ vegetable sticks like carrot, cucumber and celery etc. – actually with anything.

you may also make some salad and use this dip as a salad dressing !!!

P.S.: You can add Oregano / chilli flakes according to your taste and liking. This will  add on to the flavor of the already yummilicious curd dip !!!

Enjoy !!

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2 comments on “Easy Hung Curd Dip

  1. Make it whenever I have nothing else cooked to eat! Great for when the refrigerator is empty except with the curd of course! Thanks!

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