Fall Themed Classroom

Fall Themed Classroom

I love Fall. And when my first fall came as a teacher, I went berserk with my decorations. In this post, I am sharing my fall themed classroom – the various decorations I did in my classroom. Also, as a team, we teachers did some decorations in the kindergarten area, outside the classrooms. Everything is shared below.

First and foremost, I took chart papers and coloured sheets in various colors relating to fall. Then, I cut out about 100 leaves of different shapes and sizes out of them.

Fall Themed Classroom

Once the leaves were cut, I used them around my classroom, in various designs and craft projects. Here they are:

  1. Fall leaves mobile

    I went to the school garden and found a big dry branch with a couple of smaller branches. I hung some leaves on the branches by stringing them together. Lastly, I hung it in the center of my classroom as you can see in the picture.

Fall Themed Classroom

The mobile was big in size. So, I made sure that the height of the mobile was higher than the child with an arm raised up.

2. Fall themed windows

The two walls of my classroom are just windows! So I decorated 1 window on each side. On one window, I made the border of fall leaves and cut out a silhouette of a girl catching a leaf, as you can see below.

Fall Themed Classroom

On the other windows, I just made a border as shown below. We would stick the kids work inside this.

Fall Themed Classroom

3. Fall leaves strings/ hangings

On the outside walls of the classrooms, we hung strings of fall leaves to give an effect of the season. Though we did this in the corridoors as well as the staircase, here I am sharing just 2 of the pics.

fall themed classroom        fall themed classroom

4. Fall themed Bulletin Boards

And finally, here are the 2 bulletin boards. A fellow teacher made this in her classroom:Fall Themed Classroom

The one below, is what I made in the reception area of the school:

Fall Themed Classroom

I loved my fall themed classroom. Also, I hope I managed to come up with new ideas for decoration for fellow teachers who stumble upon this post. Do share your views below. Thanks.

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