fine motor

Before the kids start writing, it is very important to work upon their fine motor skills.

And frankly speaking, kids love it when they get to work upon something that proves a little challenging for them. So I set up few fine motor working stations for my little ones to hone their skills. I set up 4 tables and laid out the stuff to be worked upon on every table.

Here are the details: –

  1. Pegs/ Clothesping and a cardboard box – 

The children were supposed to put the pegs on the brim of the cardboard.

fine motor

2. Pipe cleaners and straw pieces – 

I cut off lots of long straws into 2-3 inch pieces. The children had to put the pipe cleaner through the cut straw pieces.

fine motor

3. Pipe cleaners and tube rolls –

I punched the tape roll with many holes. The kids had to pass the pipe cleaners through the holes.

fine motor

Later, I made a monster face on the tube rolls as they looked cute !

4. Treading toys – 

I had some threading toys in the class, which I laid out on a table. Children were supposed to thread various fruits and insects on the tree/ leaf with holes.

fine motor

Once the kids were through with one station, I sent him/ her to another one. This way, I ensured that every child has worked on every station. It was a big fun day for all of us in  the class – so much that we got really late for our lunch too !!

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