Fish in a Bag – Craft

fish in a bag

The theme for the month was pet animals and the favorite amongst the kids was somehow a fish. I searched pinterest and googled like mad for an out of the box thing and finally found this craft. Sorry, don’t remember from where I got the idea, so cant really mention the credits to the person here. I found “Fish in a bag” a very unusual keepsake and craft for the kids.

Here are the details of the craft:

First of all, I drew random fish on a blank sheet and gave it to my kids to color them. I told them to make it as colorful as possible.

fish in a bag

Since the outlines of the fish would be cut, it dint matter if they coloured outside the image too..

Next, I gave the kids loads of blue color crepe paper and a transparent poly bag. They were supposed to tear small pieces of paper and turn them into tiny balls. This would form the water for the fish. Meanwhile, I cut out the outlines of the fish.

fish in a bag fish in a bag

Though it was a bit tough for some of the kids, but slowly they got a hang of it. In a short while, the whole class was full of bits and pieces of blue crepe paper.

Anyway, each of them amanged to fill up their bags with enough paper balls for the fish to swim in ;).

Now came the most exciting part – placing the fish inside the water. fish in  a bag

One by one, all the kids placed their fish inside the bag and I closed the mouth of the bag with a rubberband.

And that’s how all the fish looked in their bags:

fish in a bag

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