I made a little Foldable Mini City, for some fun time pretend play for my son. The best part is that it is compact and you can fold it and carry with you anywhere !

I made this out of a small cardboard box. I opened the box and cut out the extra pieces from top and bottom. The benefit of making this out of a box is that it already has folds in it. Alternatively, you can form the folds with a plain cardboard sheet too.

Foldable Mini City

Now, I drew some houses, buildings and even a fenced garden on the cardboard, side by side, as you can see in the pic below. I drew it, first, with a pencil and then with a black marker pen. Then I cut the cardboard along the roofs.

Now, with the leftover pieces of cardboard, I cut out few cars and trees. Then I cut out some circles and drew on them to look like flowers.

Foldable Mini City

Further, I stuck the cars to the houses near the folds so that half the car was stuck to the house and half of it popped out. Then, I stuck the flowers to the fence and in front of the gardens. I drew their stems and leaves with a marker. Also, the extra trees that I had made, were stuck on the back of the houses. Also, I added some fruits and flowers to various trees.

Finally, I stuck the 2 running pieces of the city together.

This is how our mini city looks like:

Foldable Mini City

Here are some close shots of the city:

Foldable Mini City

Try and make it for your kid for some fun time play. My son plays with his hotwheels cars alongwith the city. And here is the best part! See – how you can just fold it and carry with you anywhere!

Foldable Mini City

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