Fun at Local Fair for Kids


Kids nowadays are very fond of toddler areas and automated rides at the mall. How about taking them to the local Consumer Fair, for a change? Its fun and a different kind of an experience for the kids.

One Saturday, my son and I, both were getting bored at home, so I took my son to the “Dusshehra Mela” (local fair) which had come up a day back in our city.

The fair had some interesting stalls, as well as numerous rides. My son literally dragged me there, running with excitement! Here are some snapshots of the various rides that he took:


And then, there was a giant bouncy !! How could we leave that out !!


 The weather, this time around, is also pleasant for an evening outing. Once we were done with the rides, we treated ourselves with some ice-cream and popcorns. After this, I was the one who dragged my kiddo to the books’ stall. They have new as well as second hand books. I love buying story books and activity books from here. They are interesting, fun and come at an extremely cheap price. Here is a glimpse of some of the books that we bought:


There are fairy tales, story books, stories with lessons, activity books (things to spot).

Then, there were phonic books for helping kids to learn reading:


We got these at Rs.200/- per kg. When I calculated, it turned out that each book cost me barely Rs. 20 each !!! The books are in good condition – some are totally new !

The Fair was fun and enriching (with books) ! Go on and make your kid’s day with a different experience !!

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