Gift Wrapping Ideas

gift wrap

Nowadays, nice wrapping papers are so expensive – and the ones that come free when buying a gift are all the same and blah !!! boring!! So how do we wrap up the gift in a unique or different way so that it stands out from among the similar ones at the party table?

And then sometimes, there’s a sudden birthday party invitation – and we are out of wrapping paper !! What do we do in such a situation?

Here are some easy and inexpensive gift wrapping ideas – when you are out of wrapping paper or you want to do something different  !

1. Gift wrapping from chart papers

I was actually out of wrapping papers at this time. All I had was white and black chart paper at home. There were two gifts – I wrapped the bigger one in white and smaller in black chart paper and pasted the smaller one on top of bigger one. To fill in the white space, I used a black pen  for detailing. On the black one I used white paint to mark the birthday boy’s name! Looks nice – right?

Gift Wrapping Ideas

You can actually use any colored paper for wrapping the gift and stick some stickers – maybe according to the birthday theme of the party. e.g. if the theme is jungle or animals, paste animal stickers or take a cutting from some old newspaper or magazine and paste it on the gift wrap.

gift wrapping            gift wrapping

2. Gift Wrapping from Newspapers 

This is the easiest one – even if you don’t have colored papers, there are always newspapers at home.

stock up on some sketchpens, colored tape, stickers, or anything else you can think of – for decoration.

Here are some ideas for you to get inspired with –

gift wrapping           gift wrapping

This is how you make the newspaper flower: –

gift wrapping          gift wrapping

Or make a cute girl monster with a head bow:

gift wrapping

These are some more random ideas :

gift wrapping                   gift wrapping

gift wrapping              gift wrapping

Hope you liked these last minute and quick gift wrapping ideas.

Do share your creativity here for more inspiration !!



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