Green Color Day

Green color

So it was “Green Color Day” in our class. This day had to be all about the color green, and the activities related to it. Since my class is already very “Green” because of the jungle theme, things were easier to prepare.

Also, our “Green Color Day” fell during Monsoon Season (In India), marked by heavy rains and lush greenery all around. So, I decided to take out the kids to see the color green in our nature. We went to the school park and gardens, saw and talked about various shades of green – Dark, light, lighter and darker…

Green color day

The kiddies picked up some greens that they liked and we all got clicked – me, the kids and the greens 😉

Green color day

Later, we went to the class, and after a break did some green color craft in the scrap books.

Preparation done for Green Color Craft:

I cut out small leaves from various green colored papers I had – darks and lights.

Also, with some brown paper, I cut out the tree trunk with a couple of branches. This, I stuck in all the scrapbooks beforehand, since kids needed to concentrate only on the greens.

Then, I just squeezed out some glue randomly over the tree trunk and kids picked out the leaves – whatever color they liked – and stuck over the glue to make a tree – “My tree with different shades of green”

Green color day

Here are the trees:

Green color day

The next day, we did a collaborative art project on different shades of green.

We got lots of green leaves of different types, size and various shades of green. On a big chart, i made a huge tree trunk with  a couple of branches. I twisted the branches to give it a little 3-D effect. Again, I applied loads of glue over it, as can be seen in the image below. Then, the kids stuck the leaves over it, one by one, 1-2 leaves per child. I finally did some finishing touches.

Green color day

And that’s how our collaborative art project on green color looked like:

Green color day

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