It was Saturday and I was thinking doing some fun activity with my son (before he comes whining about getting bored). I was working in the kitchen while running my mind, what can we do. Suddenly I laid my eyes on few empty bottles of juice and dishwasher which had been saved for some craft. “How about a grocery store?” I thought. I discussed the idea with my son and he got all excited!!

So, firstly, we set up the area,with a counter table, and 2 shelves to place the grocery. My excited baby also joined in to set up the place. While I was thinking how to display the grocery, he got a chair for the shopkeeper to sit. I had not thought about this !!

Grocery Items:

Then, we started gathering stuff for the shop. I got out all empty bottles of juice, cold drinks, curd containers, jam, dish washing liquid, shampoo, baby bath, etc. My son kept collecting things from me and put them on display counters. I had an empty egg carton which we filled with blocks. We pretended that the blocks are eggs. We got a brown basket, placed an empty ice cream box and a chocolate box in it, and pretended it to be the refrigerator.

But the shop still looked empty. Had I planned the activity well in advance, I would have saved empty packets of various grocery items. But since this was not the case, I got out some packets of chips and crackers, popcorns, biscuits, etc. from the storage.

To add on to the list, I got 2 baskets with separate fruits for selling. Then we filled a cane basket with all the sweets that we had (leftovers from the birthday party in the past week).

Now, we needed some pretend money. I had some counters from a monopoly game, we used it as cash.

grocery store

I thought that the shop was now set and we could begin. But my kiddo said, “Mommy, how will the customers carry their stuff home? I need some bags to handover their shopping!” I was impressed, surprised, and mostly proud of him to think so acutely.

Well, I got him the bags. He kept them near his chair, for easy reach.

grocery store

Lastly, I placed a cardboard piece in front of the counter table and wrote “Ram’s Grocery Store” on it. This is what the final setup looked like:


The Play:

This would be a fun game if there are other kids around. But since it was just the both of us, we got out all our stuff toys. I kept changing my voice while holding each “customer”. Ram gathered all item that the customer wanted, and put them in a bag. This was my favorite party of the play. It was just too cute for me.

We did a lot of arguments too. Customers asked for discounts, a free item etc. Surprisingly, he had answers like, “nothing is expensive”, “the rates are not high”, “come again” and “thank you” (when I handed over the money for the goods. He was very courteous in his dealings.

Turn by turn, all customers got their goods.

grocery store

We played for almost 2 hours, when the kiddo was finally hungry for lunch. So we dismantled the shop and kept away all the stuff in their respective places.

We had a really fun and memorable time! I am now saving on they empty packets and bottles for our next time play.

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