Happy Birthday Daddy !

Happy Birthday Dad

So it happened to be daddy’s happy birthday !! We made a video with kiddo singing happy birthday daddy – and sent him at 12:00 am (daddy was working late in office..)

Tired of gifting him various “materialistic” gifts over the years…. i thought hard about gifting him something different.

I got out the paints and a double sheet from the drawing book and this is what mommy and kiddo made – or should i say mommy got made by the kid:


when we closed the card, i realised there was nothing on the cover, so i just scribbled out something simple – as the main focus is the inside image only …


Well, alongwith this we did add on a “materialistic” gift but with a twist. I got some stuff from the market – 2 new men’s bathing soaps, an aftershave, a deoderent, a nice perfume, and arranged them in a wooden basket for him… sorry… forgot to take the pic 🙁

Yes…. daddy dearest LOOOOVED it !!! Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

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