Holi Garland

holi garland

When we were kids, holi used to be extra special. Our Dadi (Grandma) used to make Kandi (Holi Garland) for all of us cousins.

Over years, as we grew up, the kandis also got lost somewhere… But the love and fondness for it always remained with us in our hearts and minds!! So when I became a mother, and Ram was two years old (first year  – i believed he was too young for the sweet treat), my mom made one for him !

You can see the look on his face – he is wondering how come these elders are giving me all that they stop me from eating !! 😀

For making this holi garland, all you need is a needle, thread and lots of treats. Just Put the thread in the needle, decide on the length of the garland (ensure that the kid can wear it through her/ his head) and then double the thread, to ensure it’s sturdy. Loop in all the treats and once you are done tie both the ends. And the Kandi is ready !!!

holi garland

Items that can be included:

  1. Dry Fruits
  2. Toffees / Gems / Lollipops
  3. Chocolates
  4. Kinder Joy/ Surprise Eggs
  5. Biscuits
  6. Whatever your kid likes

Traditionally – the Kandi used to have just dry fruits (of all kinds) and a few toffees. But kids nowadays are spoiled for choice. Go on, spoil them this Holi !!!

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2 comments on “Holi Garland

  1. Holi Garland use to be a real treat. Fond memories from my childhood days.. Thanks Neha for reviving those memories !!

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