Independence Day

Independence Day

It was Independence Day – a very important day for our country. We teachers were all geared up to do up our classes and plan activities for our kids.

My very talented colleague made this display in her class:

Independence Day

Craft: Tear and Paste activity – National Flag

We did a tear and paste craft activity in my class on this day.

Material used:

  1. White chart paper
  2. Orange, green and blue colored crepe paper
  3. glue

What we did:

  1. I divided the chart into 3 equal parts horizontally. I marked the lines with a pencil. In the center, I drew a circle.
  2. I applied lots of fevicol on the area to be worked upon. (we did this in 3 parts – orange, green and finally blue)
  3. The kids tore little pieces and pasted them on the white chart.

Here is our National Flag displayed in the class: –

Independence Day

We paid our respects to the National Flag by singing the National Anthem in front of it and offering some flowers.

  Independence Day                   Independence Day

This little girl’s mommy really put in a lot of thought into getting her daughter ready for the celebrations. She wore tricolor wristbands and hairpins. She carried the national flag with her throughout the day. Also, her mommy packed a tricolor tiffin – papaya, banana and kiwi.

Independence Day

Finally, I made a little tricolor takeaway for the kiddies. I made a tricolor paper wheel with a paper stick. And in the center of the wheel, I stuck a blue chart circle, with “Happy Independence Day” written on it.

Independence Day

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