Juice Popsicles


For a long time now, I had been going through various recipes for popsicles on the internet and in some magazines….

But for that, one needs a popsicle mould !!!

Last weekend, we went to the mall and while browsing through the various shelves at Big Bazaar, I found this popsicle mould !!!


The quality is good and it came at a very reasonable price of Rs. 123 only !!

Nice n bright colors and the characters on the sticks cater to the different likings of boys and girls!


My little one is mad about cars, so I know in which compartment I need to make his popsicle….

Not sure what to do, I got a bottle of Maaza mango and a bottle of Minute maid orange juice.

In 4 compartments I poured the mango juice and in the other four the orange one and put them in the freezer. I took them out about 6 hrs later. And the treat was ready !!!


Though the mango juice popsicle was fine – as it is very sweet and a little thick, the drawback I felt with the orange juice popsicles is that tend to be somewhat icy, maybe because of the watery texture. Otherwise it is not at all bad for the time when you are feeling lazy…

P.S. I will surely try some other popsicle recipe and share with you soon !!

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