How about some simple kids activities for your toddler around the house ??? These activities require very little work from your side but are sure to keep little munchkins occupied for long !!

1. Face Parts Activity

Just draw the face features on a white paper – eyes, nose, moth, ears and hair, color them and cut out. Cut out a plain white face shape and stick it on a door/ or table. Give the face features to your little one to play with !! You can draw the body and other parts too !!

Kids Activities  Kids Activities   Kids Activities


2. Torn Kids’ Book Wallpaper

So your munchkin just tore that lovely book you got her the other day?? No problem !! Go ahead and separate all the pages and stick them on a wall (or door) to form a wallpaper !! It doesn’t matter what book it is – alphabets, numbers, colors etc. or even an incomplete story book. This story book wallpaper will keep attracting and educating your kiddo all the time !!

Kids Activities


3. Flour Play Dough

So he/ she wants to help you out in the kitchen? Knead some flour dough with a little water and baby oil (it makes it non- sticky). Give them a rolling pin and some dough, to play with.

Kids Activities                  Kids Activities


4. Magnetic Alphabets and Numbers

Let them stick the magnetic alphabets on the steel almirah while u tend to the laundry or other errand; or on the refrigerator while you cook. Make it look like something special – give them a bowl to hold all magnetic alphabets and give a chair to sit. Keep talking to them every now and then – where is “M”, or make them stick their name alphabets.

Kids Activities


5. Tea Party for the little one and his/ her stuffed friends

Just take a small cardboard box or anything else to make a table. Cover with a cute sheet. Lay down the tea set and stuffed dolls/ animals. Give them some real cookies if u like. Or if u dont mind the mess, give a little water in the kettle. (you may want to sterilise the utensils beforehand in this case). Lastly, dress up your little one for the party 🙂

Kids Activities


6. Painting

Just cover a table (for protection) with some newspaper and stick a chart paper on it. Give them some paints and brush, and they are good to go !!

Kids Activities


I will share some more activities like these in some time. But in all cases please make sure you keep an eye on your little monsters!!

For more fun and engaging ideas for kids activities, please visit and explore the following age:

4 comments on “Simple Kids Activities Around The House

  1. I love the idea of pasting chart paper on newspaper and letting them have a go with crayons. Easy and creative! Who knows what the kiddos will come up with? 🙂

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