Leaf Tracing

Leaf Tracing

Leaf Tracing – this is another fun art activity we did with our collection of leaves. Looking for some fun activities to do during the winter vacations, my son and I went on a nature hunt. We collected loads of stones, leaves, twigs, flowers and petals. First and foremost, we made a nature collage. And then, after leaving it out to dray, we moved on to leaf tracing.

Here is our collection of the various leaves from the nature hunt.

Leaf Tracing

Materials Required:

  1. Blank sheet of papers
  2. Crayons
  3. Various types of leaves

How to go about it:

1. Just keep a leaf on a plain surface and cover it with a blank sheet.

2. Now give your kid a crayon and ask her/ him to scribble on it, covering all the details.

I held the paper tightly in its place with my hand while the kiddo had fun scribbling. Once he was done with his first tracing, he repeated tracing the same leaf, with different colors on the same sheet.

    leaf tracing            Leaf Tracing

You can make some more impressions, with the same/ different leaf on the same paper with different color (or same) crayons

3. Once we were done tracing the leaves, my kiddo started filling the empty spaces around the border with the corresponding colors of the leaves.

leaf tracing

4. And, your artwork is ready! We put it up on our refrigerator.

Leaf Tracing

Here are the various “paintings” we created !!

leaf tracing

Go on and try it out with your kids! And do share your work with us in the comments section below.

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