The theme for the month was Fruits and Vegetables. For the whole month we learnt about different fruits, vegetables, their features, taste, smell, and even which ones we liked or didn’t like.

In the last week of the month, we had a final activity related to the theme – “Show and Tell”. Here the kids had to identify and speak a line about their favorite fruit and vegetable.

A day in advance, after the kids had left, I set up the “stage” for the show and tell. I made a banner in green paper for “Show and Tell”. Then I cut out 4 baskets from brown hand made paper and pasted them at the bottom of the board. Then I pasted the drawings (which I had previously made) of various fruits on the baskets.

Also, I had lots of artificial fruits and vegetables used for teaching children. These I placed in various wicker baskets. Luckily, I had a green table that I used for the setup. I laid out all the wicker baskets with vegetables and fruits on the green table and placed it infront of the backdrop.

fruits and vegetables

My setup and backdrop turned out to be really vibrant. The kids came on one by one and spoke about their favorite fruit and their favorite vegetable.

fruits and vegetables                             fruits and vegetables

After completing the activity, I went beyond the regular vegetables and fruits and told them about which vegetables grow above the ground and which grew under the ground.

fruits and vegetables

We ended the day with some coloring and scrap booking.

I took out printout of a fruit and vegetable basket (separate baskets) on an A4 sheet. The kids took their sweet time to color their baskets beautifully.

fruits and vegetables

Later, I cut the outlines of the baskets for the kids. They pasted the same in their scrap books. This is how they looked:

fruits and vegetables

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