Learning About Textures


We keep learning about textures as soon as we enter school. It’s my kiddies third year in school, so I thought of going a little beyond the regular textures we learn about – smooth, hard, rough, soft etc.

First of all, I arranged all the stuff in class so that the kids would brush up on the basics.



All of them felt the texture with their hands  –  soft feathers, hard stones, rough sand paper, smooth tape, pricky wheat grains etc.


Finally, going a step further, I took the textures activity outside – to the nature.

I had prepared the boards for each kid in advance. Here, the kids would find a thing from the nature and place under it under the texture written on the boards:

                 textures                              textures

It was fun teaching the kids how some leaves were rough, some were smooth. The stones and bricks were hard and flowers were soft. We pasted the stuff on the boards.


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