Legos Challenge


Children love Legos! But did you know that they can be used for more than just building? They can be used to provide challenges through mind teaser games. I came across one such activity while browsing the net. It is a simple game to boost the kid’s creative brain power.

Firstly, I made a few slips of paper with different challenges. Some were specific, like make a robot, space rocket etc.; while some were open ended, like, make something you use everyday or something that flies.


My son also loves spending his lone time with legos. So, when I gave him this challenging game, he was super excited and set down to the game immediately.


Our slip consisted of the following challenges:

  1. Build a garden
  2. Build a funny robot
  3. Make something using only one colour
  4. Build a flower
  5. Build something that flies
  6. Make a lego pizza
  7. Build a bridge
  8. Make something using every colour of lego that you have
  9. Build something using only 5 legos
  10. Build a spaceship to goto Mars
  11. Write your name
  12. Build a wagon that can carry another toy
  13. Make the place where you live
  14. Build your favourite animal
  15. Make some yummy food

Here are the pics of few of the things he made:



This was a least prep game for my child. Finally, it kept him busy for a couple of hours. But it kept mommy free for the same amount of time too !!

So, try this and get some free time to yourself.

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