We’ve played with cars, moved them on tracks, raced them around, now what else can we do? Maybe we could wash them now !!! Yes, it was time for car wash !

While my boy was at school, I set up the car wash station for him in our backyard. That’s one place he doesn’t go to regularly. Once he came back from school, we had our lunch and took an afternoon nap.  After he got up and freshened up, I surprised him by taking him to the backyard.

car wash

I had already set up the area with his cars, sponge, clean and soapy water, track, sprinkler bottle and a drying napkin.  As soon as he saw the set up, he got very excited and started jumping with joy. And of course, our pooch, Leo followed him outside.

My kiddo immediately set on to play. We created bubbles in the soapy water. He washed the cars in the soapy water with the help of a sponge. Then put the car on the track, that slid the car into clean water to wash off the soap from the car.

car wash

Also, I gave him a sprinkler water bottle to add more water or to wash the excess soap from a car.

car wash              car wash

This went on for almost two hours.

car wash

When the track got jammed, we had to move the cars and create some space. Finally, when the kiddo got tired, we went back inside and had some snacks.

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