The theme for the month in our class was Pet and Farm Animals. So, related to the theme, I decided to take up the story of the little Red Hen. The reason being, that the story involves farm animals and also talks about the process, how  wheat grains turn into bread.

First of all, I made a story board of the “Little Red Hen” as can be seen in the pic. Also, I made stick puppets of all the farm animals involved in the story.

little red hen

We did the story for about 10 days, following which we did a little craft of the little hen, in the scrap books.

Also, the shape that we were focusing on in the same month was Triangle. So, I decided to make a hen with all triangle pieces. I came across just the right kind of thing that I needed on Pinterest.

I cut out the required number of triangles for each hen – the body, face and tail. This, the kids stuck in their scrap books.

Little Red Hen

For the eyes, beak, crown and feet, the children drew them with a black and red colored marker.

Little Red Hen      Little Red Hen

This is what the final work of all the kids looked like:

Little Red Hen

Also, on the facing page of the craft, I stuck a printout of the story of the “Little Red Hen” so that the parents could relate to it.

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