Little Town with Car Track

car track

Any mother of a little boy will relate to house filled with cars – big, small, tiny and giant. My little one is also crazy about cars – AND tracks !! Car track never fails to amuse a boy. No matter how big or small the track is, it is enough to keep a boy entertained any time.

My little one had been asking for a yet another “new track”. And my mind had been occupied with what different thing to do – something that can be kept away easily and doesn’t involve too much work. I remembered seeing something like this on the internet, so thought of giving it a try.

I took a craft paper sheet instead of a white chart paper. Its a little longer and gives more space for play.

I stuck the sheet to the floor with masking tape.

car track

Then, with the whiteboard markers, I d details of the drew the little town, which had a School, Police Station, a Park, Mall, Super Market and a Residential area with few houses. With each area, I made some parking space for parking his little cars.

The little one jumped in to help me decorate the town further – coloring the trees, making grass in the park, decorating the shops in the market and much more. It was so delightful for me to see him all excited and involved in the project.

    car track                car track

This is how our little town looks finally:

car track

And Sonny boy is all lost in the little town, controlling the enormous traffic !!

car track

The Little town turned out to be more than a car track. There is a thief (car) which is being chased by police (car). School bus goes to each house to drop the kids home. Its good to see the pretend play happening. I think I will have to find some small people to add to the play. It might be much more fun !

car track

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