Nani’s Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Nani

Birthdays of grandparents are very special for children!! Even if the concept of birthday celebrations fades out for us, adults, over time, the excitement and enthusiasm of kids fills us with zeal to look at the day with a renewed charm. So when I told my little one that it is Nani’s Happy Birthday tomorrow, he got all excited !!!

I arranged for the cake and a bouquet of flowers for mom – tube roses being her favorite – she just loves the fragrance that fills up the whole house. But I was stuck up with what to buy for her as a gift… Over time we run out of ideas, and gifting clothes, accessories and cosmetics becomes a routine and yes – boring for the person receiving it.

Since it was my kiddos first year of preschool, I decided to give mom something different – something handmade by him. He loves painting, so I thought of doing something around that. I got a canvas frame, crayola finger paints and a paint brush and we set to work. It took hardly 10 minutes. And yes, it is not really very neat, as he got a little too excited and tried to smudge it. Here is the final outcome:

Nani's Happy Birthday

I wrote the text and marked the date. Dates – are good. Over years, when you look at the dates of these creations, it feels so nostalgic and how long it’s been since the “thing” has been with you.

I was short of time so I couldn’t, but you can also get it framed. It will look much better, otherwise it looks unfinished.

But yes – Nani was elated to receive the lovely gift from his tiny hands !! Happy Birthday Nani !!

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