Nature Collage

nature collage

Collage is a fun way of art and kids tend to learn a lot from them. Collage, or an assembly of things, is a fun activity for kids. My son has his winter vacations going on and we keep looking for fun things to do everyday. We went for some nature hunting the other day and got home lots of leaves, twigs and stones. I decided to make a nature collage with our collection.

Nature Collage

One of the main reasons for doing this activity was that I wanted my son to explore various types of leaves. Hunting for leaves, exposed him to various different types, colors, shapes

Materials Required:

  1. Collection of various leaves, petals, light flowers
  2. Sheet of Paper
  3. Fevicol/ Glue

Nature Collage

How to go about the activity:

1. I lay a blank sheet of paper on a leveled surface. Here, I used a drawing sheet instead of naormal A4 sheet as it is thick and would be able to hold the materials of collage.

2. Then, I gave a small bottle of fevicol to my son and asked him to cover the sheet with the glue. Please note that the glue needs to be used really generously, so that the leaves stick to the paper nicely.

Nature Collage

3. Once the sheet was covered with fevicol properly, the kiddo started sticking the leaves on it.

    Nature Collage             nature collage

4. Finally, we left it to dry out.

Nature Collage

I dont know how long the leaves will stay on. Soon, everything might dry out. But most importantly, for atleast a week, it will be displayed on our refrigerator.

nature collage

Most importantly, we had loads of fun. Also, we plan to make many more collages now !!

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