Nature Hunt for Painting

nature hunt

Its been a while that we did this activity – Summer holidays – to be specific. I thought of taking out my little one to the nearby park for a nature hunt. From there he could choose few things from nature, and bring home for painting. But there was much more in store. We had a whole day of fun ahead of us!

Soon, we reached the rough, stony area outside the park. The place is filled with mud and stones around, which is supposed to be turned into a parking area. But for now, it is a good place for us to find what we need. The kiddo picked up a few stones, twigs, leaves, some dry leaves etc.

nature hunt

And then we stopped to observe the work of ants.. where they were going, what they were carrying, etc.

nature hunt

Then we noticed a squirrel climbing up the tree with a nut. It was fun watching her nibbling at her find.

nature hunt

Finally, we entered the park for some swing time. As soon as we entered, we saw a bunch of dragonflies flying around. My little one was totally fascinated !

nature hunt

After an hour of playing, swinging and some more ‘nature picking’ we headed back home and hit the bed for a nap.

The activity gave my son some physical activity to do. It also made him connect to the nature.

As soon as we got up, Ram rushed to pick his bucket full of his “finds” and took out the paints and brush. Then he laid out all the stuff separately on the floor.

nature hunt

Finally, we set off to paint !

    nature hunt nature hunt

We played with the paint for some time too! He put the paint brushes filled with different color paints in the water container and twirled them. The resultant clouds forming inside the water caught his fascination!

nature hunt

I gave him an empty plastic cadbury chocolate sheet for keeping his painted treasure.

nature hunt

This painting activity gave him an opportunity to paint on different types of textures. He even got to know the difference between painting a fresh and a dried leaf.

The nature hunt was fun. We both connected to the nature and were left mesmerized and happy at the end !

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